Our Services


We  are focused on mainly satisfying  our customers requirements at reasonable time and price matrices . Poyraz  uses its experience in the sector to fullfill the below mentioned services at its best.

These are namely;

Air Freight

Genarally air freight is usually considered more expensive than any other transportation ,however it should be considered that on some smaller volumed shipments, it can be more economical than sea and road freight due to conversion used by the airlines for charging purposes against those used by the sea and road transportation.

Poyraz can provide air freight services combined with our road and/or sea feright services and deliver your commodities to every destination you need.

In Air cargo transportation we understand timeliness and price concept generally.Inorder to provide the most useful services to our customers, Poyraz and its staff cooperate with the basic airlines all around. We have special agreements and rates with reputable airlines for the transportation of special products A team of knowledgeable staff who will deliver a tiny parcel to large machinery from anywhere in the world will give you the best quotes available.

Incase Our customers need for consolidated or direct air freight forwarding services, our talented professionals are ready to deliver your goods to or from almost at any destinaton in the world. Because of the increasing demand for shorter transit times , we generally provide air freight carriers with established routings for our consolidations.

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